Belinda Baidoo Foundation

Belinda devotes her time by using her network for socially beneficial purposes worldwide, regardless of her present location, i.e. whether in Africa or overseas, to the Orphanage in Ghana. She annually organizes a fashion shows in New York City; Accra-Ghana with the aim of raising money for the orphanage and its children.

Modeling has inspired and propelled her to use her work as a medium to address global affairs and problems world wide, not forgetting her Ghanaian roots - Africa.

In 2005,Belinda Baidoo organized a fashion show in New York to raise money for Grace Omaboe's Peace and Love Orphanage and Ohemaa's Health Care Orphanage. Another Edition of the show was held on 24th of june 2013. This is something that she would like to do annually in Ghana, or overseas. But she cannot do it alone without the support of benevolent people. There is the need to work together and do something good to help her country, Ghana and Africa as a whole.

For information regarding "Belinda Baidoo Foundation" , please contact Belinda Baidoo.